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Becoming a tutor with Knowledge Seekers is both challenging and rewarding. If you have the experience, commitment and enthusiasm required, we can provide you with the training, guidance and on-going professional support to become a leading edge tutor.

We receive many applications and we read them all, so please be patient while waiting for us to respond. Only approximately 1 in 10 applicants reach the interview stage, and providing evidence of the following attributes in your application could increase your chance of a successful application:

  • a passion for teaching and education
  • an excellent academic record, to a minimum of undergraduate level
  • teaching or tutoring experience, and a desire to see children succeed
  • commitment for a sustained period of at least 1 year
  • expertise in your field, particularly in the areas of maths, sciences, English or 7+, 11+ or 13+

If this sounds like you, please download our New Tutor Application Form using the button below.

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Please note that professions which are subject to unpredictable schedules and periods of absence from tuition are not looked upon favourably by clients and will significantly reduce the chances of us being able to place you with students. 

Here is what some of our tutors have to say:

"Working as a tutor with Knowledge Seekers is thoroughly enjoyable. Teaching on a one-to-one basis has enabled me to build up a friendly relationship with the children I teach, and I feel I am making a valuable contribution to their education. No child is the same, so the work continually challenges and rewards."

Alice, UCL post-graduate.

Your tutor has been absolutely fantastic with our daughter. She is just such a gentle, lovely lady and she has built our daughter's confidence so much. It was really wonderful to see the tutor break down the work for her and see them work together. We are awaiting the exam results and my daugther is confident that they went really well. However, she is a high achiever and only wants A*s. If she doesn't have A*s, we will be on the phone with you again straight away to resume with the tutor. She is absolutely great and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for her help and support again.

Selina-Jane, Charlton

“My time working with Knowledge Seekers has helped to develop me as a person as well as my pupils. I have learnt invaluable lessons on how to build confidence in others while applying such techniques to aspects of my own personal development. The joy of seeing students blossom and achieve their desired goals has made the hard work worthwhile! Knowledge Seekers is a great company to work with and they have provided ample support for me in areas I have found challenging. It has been fun working with pupils who are all so different and building good relationships with each of them has made this a good working experience to date!”

Osa, University College, London graduate

"Helping young people to read and write well really matters. Listening to students talk about their ideas and develop them through a growing understanding of, and love of language, is a privilege."

Natalie, University of Bristol, former journalist for The Times

“Tutoring through Knowledge Seekers has really helped me to develop both as a tutor and as a person.  Working with children on a one to one basis allows me to deliver tuition which is targeted to their specific needs and the results are incredibly rewarding. Learning is a two way process and in addition to what I can teach my students, it has amazed me how much I can also learn from them.”

Siobhan, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance graduate

Founder member of the Tutors' Association