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7+ Tuition Testimonials

Our daughter's tutor was fantastic at making the sessions fun as well as highly educational. She showed excellent understanding of what was required for success at 7+ and got our daughter enthused about learning as well as developing her abilities and building her confidence for the assessments. We were offered places at all the schools we applied for and our daughter is starting at JAPS in September. We have been delighted with Knowledge Seekers and would recommend them wholeheartedly!

Alex, East Dulwich

My daughter's relationship with her tutor is wonderful. She sees her as much more than a teacher and wants tutorials for life! On the educational side, her confidence in maths and English has grown, which was very useful when it came to the 7+ exams for JAPS and Alleyn's. Our daughter was offered a place at both and so is now in a positive position where we are spoilt for choice. She had a session the day before the interview to coach her on interview techniques. This boosted her confidence a lot and she excelled. We will be continuing to see our tutor, even though the exams are over, simply because of how beneficial the relationship is for our daughter.

Blessing, East Dulwich

I like my tutor because she's fun and helps me to learn. The way we do lessons is sensitive; we work hard and concentrate so I learn a lot. At school my reading is getting better and better and I am starting to read chapter books.

Key Stage 1 English Student, East Dulwich

Our son was tutored in French and also for 7+ exams recently. We decided to enter him for the 7+ with only 8 weeks notice and our son sailed through the exams and was offered a place at the independent school of our choice. Our tutor built his confidence and helped him achieve much more than we could have thought possible in such a short period of time. He has thoroughly enjoyed all his sessions with her and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Sarah, East Dulwich

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic your tutor is and how well the relationship is going. She is a very caring and imaginative tutor and our 5 year old daughter loves the sessions and has made very good progress in all areas, including exam technique. Thank you so much for setting us up with her.

Andy, East Dulwich

Our tutor is a natural. Genuinely interested in teaching kids, she got my 6 year old son excited about the material she introduced. His confidence soared as he was doing things he hadn't yet done in the classroom. He has been offered a place at Dulwich College. I am grateful to our tutor for her diligence, thoroughness and the interest she brought to the sessions. I would recommend her highly.

Kirsten, Dulwich

My experience of working both with Alexandra and our individual tutor has been nothing short of impressive. Alexandra takes great pride in her business ensuring that parents have a consultative approach to their child's learning. Learning styles and needs are identified by Alexandra's consultation and assessment, ensuring that ample time is spent with the child and parent.

I was briefed on possible tutors that would be a suitable match for my daughter before we selected a tutor. Since starting work with Osa, my daughter has shown a true passion for learning once again. Osa offers a teaching style that suits my daughter's age and concentration span. Whilst focusing on areas of weakness; variety, the National Curriculum and fun are all elements included in Osa's teaching. I would highly recommend working with KS to enhance your child's learning and love of learning!

Mahta, Borough

We have been absolutely delighted with our daughter's tutor. Even though our daughter was only 5 when we started tuition, she is able to pitch the lessons just right for her. She has developed a great relationship with our daughter and has found a way of getting the very best out of her and inspiring her to try out new things, especially in creative writing. Our daughter's confidence has grown enormously and she feels well able to face the challenge of a new school in September. We would thoroughly recommend Knowledge Seekers.

Emily, East Dulwich

Our tutor really helped my daughter with tailored lessons that made her much more confident and happy. As a result my daughter had good advancement in a short period of time because of the focus on her individual and specific needs.

Giselle, Dulwich Village

Founder member of the Tutors' Association