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Creative Arts Workshops

The workshop, delivered over three Saturdays each lasting 3 hours, is based on the theme of “Toys and Play”, and offers each young artist the place, time, professional stimulus and materials to embark on their own creative journey.

The price of £120.00 includes all professional quality materials and media used (such as brushes, modelling clay, oils, acrylics, watercolour and gauche).

Within the themes of toys and playing, the first and second sessions cover modelling and painting clay, designing, drawing and painting card and experimenting with techniques and discrete processes used by such artists as Picasso and Pollock.

In the final session, games with Rubik’s cubes and pixels introduce Seurat’s Pointillism. Then, collage work around the Nutcracker and Pinocchio gives an understanding and appreciation of Picasso and Matisse, leading to creation within three dimensional media.

Within this workshop each child is treated as a practising artist, so one of the physical products of this workshop is a private gallery viewing of all the pieces of art produced by each young artist.

I'm really pleased with my daughter's tuition. She enjoys it and finds it very informative. It helped her to raise her grade in History from a D over a short period of time. With her tutor's help she was able to get an A.

Rachel, Denmark Hill

Learning outcomes:

Whilst not directly addressing the formal primary or secondary art curriculum, the tools and techniques developed within this workshop extend significantly beyond the range of the standard school requirements and expectations. Therefore, from these sessions, each participant will have

  • A breakthrough in their confidence and self-esteem through seeing the production of art in a new light.
  • E xperience of practising as a creative artist.
  • Insight into the very different processes employed by a range of well-known and respected artists.
  • Hands-on involvement in a wide variety of different artistic media in both two and three dimensions.
  • Developed a wide range of artistic faculties, techniques and ways of being, delivering a greater autonomy and sense of independence to their practice as artists.
  • An appreciation of working within a collaborative studio environment using professional artist’s materials.

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