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One to One Tuition

Our core service, one to one tuition takes place in your home on a day and at a time that suits you, normally after school or at the weekend. This is often for between 1 and 2 hours per week per subject and can last for anything between 3 months and several years.

Our tutors are trained to deliver highly tailored lessons to each student, actively reflecting on which style of teaching or approach will work best for the individual and planning each tutorial with these preferences in mind. The result is a unique rapport and environment in which your child feels listened to and understood, and comfortable to share areas of difficulty without concerns.

A report is written by the tutor summarising the outcomes and progress of each tutorial and this is shared with our Tutor Development Manager who frequently contributes ideas, resources, past papers and activity suggestions to enhance the tuition further. We are currently developing an online system that will mean that parents will be emailed this summary to keep them up to date with progress.
Some tips for getting the most out of one to one tuition:
1. Preparation:
Discuss the topic of tuition with your child by speaking in positive terms about the benefits for them of having someone who is dedicated to seeing them succeed and enjoy their studies. They will find homework easier, be able to ask questions that they might not get enough time to focus on in class, they can learn at their own pace, be supported for exam preparation and revision, and feel calm and confident about school work. It is important for this to be a step towards reducing stress and pressure, not increasing it, and how it is framed by you as parents can affect how a child approaches the experience.



2. Environment:

Create an environment that allows your child to relax and focus during tutorials. With young children this can involve ensuring that they have had a drink and a snack after school and before their tutorial, setting them a "quiet time" activity immediately before the tutorial to allow them to settle, asking them to get out their books and set up their desk a few minutes before the tutor is due to arrive, and asking them to go through their homework with you.

It is advisable to liaise with your tutor before the first session to ensure that you have all the appropriate materials and workbooks ready for their arrival. We recommend that students have a designated book or file for tutorials, where they can write down anything that comes up during the school week that they would like to ask their tutor about, and where homework can be noted.  It is important to assign an area for tutorials, in a room that is free from distractions from siblings, pets or appliances, and where your child will feel able to concentrate.

3. Communication:

We recommend that you are available to have an initial discussion with your tutor before the first session begins. Your tutor will arrive early for their first appointment for this purpose. If you know you will not be available please arrange to have this discussion over the phone in advance. One of the keys to successful tuition is long term planning, and the more notice you can give of any family holidays or absences, the more likely it is that your tutor can fit in extra sessions during the weeks that you are available. It is important to have a weekly feedback conversation so that you can address your child's progress, homework and targets as well as pass on any important information that may affect the planning of the next tutorial.

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