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11+ Tuition Testimonials

We are absolutely delighted with the tuition our son has received for Dulwich College. Nicholas loved his hourly sessions with his tutors who were young, enthusiastic and made learning fun for him. As a result he did very well in his exams and we cannot be more grateful for the fantastic work that has been done to mentally and academically prepare him for his 11+. We highly recommend Knowledge Seekers as they deliver what they promise and tailor their lessons to suit individuals' needs.

Britta, Balham

We are delighted with our tutor. She is patient, very pleasant and very responsive to my daughter, who sometimes likes to sing her answers and move around while she is learning. The tutor is very creative in her teaching style, and as long as my daughter is learning she doesn't mind how it happens. She has an even handed approach which works very well. Her confidence in maths has just leapt, she is doing consistently well in her grades now and is very focused and keen which is a big breakthrough.

Lolita, East Dulwich

Our 11+ tutor has given my child a lot of confidence to progress with his maths. My son really enjoyed working with him and saw him very much as a role model. I could see that he was highly motivated to do his best in all his work as a result. I believe Knowledge Seekers tutors excel in giving students a wide variety of techniques and instilling in them the confidence to succeed in their exams.

Vicky, East Dulwich

We are delighted with the tutoring our son received. We were looking for supportive, informal tutoring, a slow burn - in addition to school work and parental led homework. We wanted an informative, relaxed environment, which allowed questions to be asked and educational inconsistencies to be ironed out. We are delighted to report our son received offers from all of the schools to which we applied including Dulwich College. I am more than happy to recommend Knowledge Seekers.

Kirsty, West Norwood

Tutoring really boosted my daughter's confidence and she found the structured approaches to tackling problems very useful. She received a 50% scholarship to St Dunstan's, a scholarship at JAGS and was offered a place at City of London School for Girls but decided to take a place at Alleyn's. We're really pleased with the results and we are now having our younger son tutored by Knowledge Seekers for his 11+ exams.

Paul, East Dulwich

I cannot rate Knowledge Seekers highly enough. The level of one to one tuition provided was first class and the dedication shown was impressive. Not only did Knowledge Seekers tutor our son to the required academic standard but he was also coached to have the confidence required to succeed in a competitive environment. He was indeed offered a place at his preferred school and we will definitely use them again for subsequent children! A big thank you.

Tonie, Surrey Quays

This is the second of my children that have been working with Knowledge Seekers. My daughter has really improved her ability to work under time pressure and increased her confidence in tackling entrance tests. She scored very highly, getting 140/140 on the grammar school tests. She was offered places at both JAGS and Alleyn's so she's going to start at Alleyn's this year.

Paul, East Dulwich

We're so very grateful for all your work with our daughter. Her result was fabulous and we're so proud of her. It's great that you've given her so much more confidence and have helped her to organise her thoughts and organise the material, so all credit not only to her but also to you.

Parent of year 6 student, Dulwich Village

Our tutor has shown great empathy and created a fantastic bond with my granddaughter. She is so caring, patient and understanding and is very adept at working with young children, by meeting them on their level. My granddaughter has benefitted a great deal from the tuition, improving a grade in her reading levels within 10 weeks and the school teacher has commented considerably on her increase in confidence. We are looking forward to continuing the lessons next term and would like you to pass on our thanks and appreciation to your tutor for all her hard work so far.

Catherine, Catford

Our daughter was offered a place at JAGS, Sydenham high school for girls, Streatham and Clapham high, Dunraven as well as Graveny (she was in the top 5% of over 2500 applicants at Graveny). We have accepted a place at JAGS and she is looking forward to starting her new life there in September. We would like to thank you so very much for all your work and for your dedication. You have helped our daughter so much in the lead up to her entrance exams and gave her the confidence to shine and gain entry to a fantastic school.

Dee, Dulwich

Founder member of the Tutors' Association