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11+ Workshops

 You want to know if your child is on track to be offered a place at the specific schools you are applying for. With over 5 years of experience in preparing children for both independent and grammar schools, Knowledge Seekers are able to offer you an accurate assessment of your child’s level as well as an extra boost to keep your child on track, active and focused over the holidays.

These workshops are often complementary to our one to one tuition and we provide you with specific feedback regarding the areas your child needs to focus on to be successful as well as how to approach these.
If you have a Knowledge Seekers tutor, we also communicate to them detailed information about the progress your child has made so that they can modify what they do in their sessions accordingly.




Entrance exams can seem daunting to a child so our creative, innovative workshops are led by experienced entrance exam tutors and are structured so that they are engaging as well as rigorous and stretching for your child.

With this approach, we have seen large improvements in children’s exam technique and academic performance over the space of just one week, with parents noticing increases in their child’s confidence and ability across all subjects.

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