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Depending on your reasons for getting in touch, you may feel that you would like our professional opinion and feedback about your child's individual needs before you choose one or more of our services. Consultations are confidential, without obligation and take place with Knowledge Seekers' Director, Alexandra, at our offices.
Academic Consultation:
You may be looking to establish how well your child is performing academically, which schools would be the best to apply to and which areas need to be focused on in one to one tuition for your child to be ready to compete in school entrance tests. With 5 years of experience of assisting students to gain entry to the most competitive schools in south and central London, Alexandra will be able to give you valuable and tailored insights into the next steps to take as well as how best to work with your child to fulfil their potential.
Academic consultations last one hour and are followed up by written feedback and recommendations for tuition and areas for development.



Developmental Consultation:

You may be interested in discovering your child's unique preferences and strengths in order to enhance their learning experience and your relationship and communication as a family. Many parents have fed back that knowing their child's preferred learning styles and primary way of relating to the world have had positive effects reaching far beyond their performance in the classroom.

Equally you may have concerns that your child is not thriving academically and be looking for information on why that is, an understanding of your child's individual learning preferences and how best to cater to them. A developmental consultation with Alexandra will provide you with insights into what might be preventing your child from enjoying their studies and having the self-confidence needed to achieve, as well as suggestions for how to move forward and how our services might support that.

Developmental consultations last 90 minutes and are followed by written feedback and results, with an opportunity for a further discussion of how best to implement the recommendations.

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