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GCSE Tutor Testimonials

When Rachael commenced with Knowledge Seekers for French, Maths and English tuition she lacked confidence in all 3 areas. In all three subjects her target grade was C. The tutors that Rachael had were very good, not only in their knowledge of the subjects but also in the manner in which they taught the subject. Subsequently Rachael enjoyed and understood the subject matters very well. As a result of this tuition Rachael achieved an A grade in her Maths and English and an A* for her French GCSE. Fantastic results, which would not have been possible without the tuition received from Knowledge Seekers.

Angela, Nunhead

I am absolutely delighted with the GCSE tutor you provided for my son, he is very upbeat and friendly and they get through the work very quickly together. My son has a plan for the rest of the year and is coming on very nicely. I have to say he is helping my son enormously, in fact I think he is the perfect person for him. Thank you, I am looking forward to him achieving great things.

Martina, Hackney

Your tutor has been absolutely fantastic with our daughter. She is just such a gentle, lovely lady and she has built our daughter's confidence so much. It was really wonderful to see the tutor break down the work for her and see them work together. We are awaiting the exam results and my daughter is confident that they went really well. However, she is a high achiever and only wants A*s. If she doesn't have A*s, we will be on the phone with you again straight away to resume with the tutor. She is absolutely great and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for her help and support again.

Selina-Jane, Charlton

I'm really pleased with my daughter's tuition. She enjoys it and finds it very informative. It helped her to raise her grade in History from a D over a short period of time. With her tutor's help she was able to get an A.

Rachel, Denmark Hill

My tutor has really helped me to become more confident with my sciences. She has helped me organise what I already know so that I can answer exam questions better. She also makes things interesting by connecting them to real life examples. I feel much less anxious about doing my exams now. Thank you so much!

GCSE student, Brockley

Knowledge Seekers have provided my children with the tools they needed to enhance their performance at school. Just recently, my daughter was due to take three GCSE science modules at school, but she wasn't feeling very confident. After a few sessions with her science tutor, she took her modules and we have just heard that she gained one A* and two A's. We highly recommend Knowledge Seekers to anyone who is looking for professional and dedicated tutors for their children and we would also like to thank them for their dedication and professionalism.

Jasmine, Wandsworth

We're really pleased with our tutor, she has been great really. She's been working with our daughter for some time now and so is in tune with how she works and what she needs. They're working together towards this summer now. The science department collapsed at the start of the year and that was the reason that we came to have tuition so she's been really lucky to have her tutor. We don't have any problems or complaints at all.

Angela, Tooting

I would just like to say a massive thank you for everything that you have done for me over the last few years, I'm so honoured to have been taught by both of you! You helped me so much in so many different ways, which will stay with me for life. I also wanted to share with you my results, 11 GCSE grade As, which I am very happy about and also because they were partly thanks to your help! I am now currently settling into my new school, which I like a lot! Thanks again so much, I hope all is well at Knowledge Seekers.

Laura, East Dulwich

Please extend our thanks to the tutor for doing such a good job, both the girls thoroughly enjoyed their sessions and feel confident about the upcoming exams. We will definitely be back in touch in September for A-level tuition!

Devika, Thornton Heath

Our tutor is an excellent teacher and really dedicated. We really appreciate the time she spends with our daughter and we have seen a big improvement in her English. Before tuition, she completely refused to speak English in front of any of the family, and was very quiet with her friends. She would also never speak up in a group or in public. Thanks to Knowledge Seekers she has definitely grown in confidence, and even asked a question to a complete stranger in the bank recently, which she would never have done in the past. She talks freely with us at home now too, and we know that she is continuing to improve with her tutor's support. We would like to thank her for all her hard work.

Nancy, East Dulwich

Knowledge Seekers took on the tutoring of our son (15) in French at short notice to prepare him for his GCSE orals. Over the course of several hour long tutorials the tutor made a notable improvement both in his spoken French and in his self confidence about the subject as a whole. His tutor is a charming young woman who impressed both our son and my wife and I with her diligence and skills as a tutor.

James, Dulwich Village

I have found my tutor effective and easy to work with. As a result of her tuition I have made fast progress in English, which I had initially struggled in. In four months of tuition I have improved my grades from grades D and E to grades A and B and this has greatly helped in my other subjects as well.

GCSE English Student, East Dulwich

When first attending my tutor sessions, I immediately noticed my improvement in my maths. I was predicted a B but I came out with a grade A which was extremely surprising because throughout my childhood I struggled a lot with Maths but after attending the sessions I felt a lot more comfortable with the subject, she gave me confidence. One to one sessions with my tutor, an experienced teacher helped me a lot, and I am extremely grateful for her help.

GCSE Maths and Science Student, East Dulwich

I must thank you for your assistance you gave my daughter in getting a grade A in Maths GCSE recently. Prior to your to tuition she was at grade C level with a hope of getting a grade B. I believe that your tuition lessons in the weeks leading up to her exam had a significant impact on her final grade.

Ken, East Dulwich

Founder member of the Tutors' Association