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GCSE Tutors in Dulwich

Rapport – GCSE revision skills – planning – exam technique

With our GCSE tuition services, you will see your child prepared, confident and motivated to succeed. The tailored GCSE programme our tutors put together supports your child, not just in the areas of the GCSE subject specific curriculum being tutored, but across their whole range of subjects. Examination Board specific GCSE content is covered in every case.

Rapport and Coaching:
Our tutors based here in Dulwich S E London build a detailed picture of what your child feels about learning, their particular subjects and their own abilities. This strong rapport means that your child feels listened to and understood. From this basis of trust your child will be relaxed, eager to learn and happy to take on board new ideas and ways of working.

The popular subjects covered include GCSE Maths, GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature, and GCSE Science. Our tutors look at the big picture and mark out clear long-term goals. This means instilling a deep level of organisation and engaging with your child to understand their learning habits and how they approach revision.

They support your child in activities such as planning their revision timetable and giving them more creative and effective ways of making revision notes. With these ways of working instilled, we find that a child will see themselves make progress in the subjects beyond those specific subjects being tutored.




GCSE Revision:
Students need to know what the best GCSE revision strategies are. Effective revision methods like using mind maps, flash cards, colour coding and using practice questions are taught hand in hand with GCSE subject knowledge so that your child can see which ones work the best for them. Our Dulwich based tutors revisit these regularly and check that they are working so that you know when the tutor isn’t there, the quality of your child’s revision is high. With these different habits, you’ll see a clear change in how your child approaches their GCSE revision.


GCSE Exam Technique:
Often a student understands a topic but struggles when it comes to answering an exam question. Our tutors use extensive GCSE exam past papers, tailored to the particular exam board so your child is clear on what they need to know and how they need to phrase it to score and collect the highest marks.

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