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Our Ethos

The impact that one-to-one tutoring can make is vast and long-lasting. It requires a carefully tailored combination of academic qualities, creative and engaging teaching skills and an extremely empathetic style of communication. It is not an exaggeration to say that engaging a tutor can change a child's future.

At Knowledge Seekers, our approach and that of our tutors is based on the following guiding beliefs:

All children’s natural state is to love learning and to want to explore and understand the world in which they live.

All children have unique gifts, abilities and passions that are waiting to be nurtured and developed, the expression of which is a vital step to unleashing their potential.

We have a responsibility to provide children with the optimum environment for them to learn through exploration, with careful and consistent support and encouragement, and this environment is unique for each child.

Successful education is as much about instilling a strong foundation of confidence and self-belief as it is about academic ability.

Our daughter literally runs up the road to meet her tutor when she comes to teach. They have a really nice relationship and get their heads down and get on with the work really well. We feel that the initial aim of the tuition has been achieved, in that our daughter's confidence has definitely increased and we're happy to be continuing with tuition. One thing we weren't expecting was that our daughter wrote a Christmas card for her tutor and wrote, 'I love Maths' inside it. We're now looking at putting her forward for independent school entrance exams.

Julie, Clapham

A private tutor or coach is in a unique position to positively impact a child’s experience of learning, through listening for their unlimited potential, communicating sensitively and with empathy, connecting with them and understanding their world, and inspiring them to enjoy learning.

Through distinguishing limiting thought processes alongside effectively teaching subject content, a breakthrough occurs in a child’s self-perception, confidence and self-esteem. From here there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Engaging a tutor can change a child's future

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