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Our daughter literally runs up the road to meet her tutor when she comes to teach. They have a really nice relationship and get their heads down and get on with the work really well. We feel that the initial aim of the tuition has been achieved, in that our daughter's confidence has definitely increased and we're happy to be continuing with tuition. One thing we weren't expecting was that our daughter wrote a Christmas card for her tutor and wrote, 'I love Maths' inside it. We're now looking at putting her forward for independent school entrance exams.

Julie, Clapham

Our daughter's tutor was fantastic at making the sessions fun as well as highly educational. She showed excellent understanding of what was required for success at 7+ and got our daughter enthused about learning as well as developing her abilities and building her confidence for the assessments. We were offered places at all the schools we applied for and our daughter is starting at JAPS in September. We have been delighted with Knowledge Seekers and would recommend them wholeheartedly!

Alex, East Dulwich

I would just like to say a massive thank you for everything that you have done for me over the last few years, I'm so honoured to have been taught by both of you! You helped me so much in so many different ways, which will stay with me for life. I also wanted to share with you my results, 11 GCSE grade As, which I am very happy about and also because they were partly thanks to your help! I am now currently settling into my new school, which I like a lot! Thanks again so much, I hope all is well at Knowledge Seekers.

Laura, East Dulwich

When Rachael commenced with Knowledge Seekers for French, Maths and English tuition she lacked confidence in all 3 areas. In all three subjects her target grade was C. The tutors that Rachael had were very good, not only in their knowledge of the subjects but also in the manner in which they taught the subject. Subsequently Rachael enjoyed and understood the subject matters very well. As a result of this tuition Rachael achieved an A grade in her Maths and English and an A* for her French GCSE. Fantastic results which would not have been possible without the tuition received from Knowledge Seekers.

Angela, Nunhead

I am absolutely delighted with the GCSE tutor you provided for my son, he is very upbeat and friendly and they get through the work very quickly together. My son has a plan for the rest of the year and is coming on very nicely. I have to say he is helping my son enormously, in fact I think he is the perfect person for him. Thank you, I am looking forward to him achieving great things.

Martina, Hackney

Our daughter was offered a place at JAGS, Sydenham High School for Girls, Streatham and Clapham High, Dunraven as well as Graveny (she was in the top 5% of over 2500 applicants at Graveny). We have accepted a place at JAGS and she is looking forward to starting her new life there in September. We would like to thank you so very much for all your work and for your dedication. You have helped our daughter so much in the lead up to her entrance exams and gave her the confidence to shine and gain entry to a fantastic school.

Dee, East Dulwich

Your tutor has been absolutely fantastic with our daughter. She is just such a gentle, lovely lady and she has built our daughter's confidence so much. It was really wonderful to see the tutor break down the work for her and see them work together. We are awaiting the exam results and my daugther is confident that they went really well. However, she is a high achiever and only wants A*s. If she doesn't have A*s, we will be on the phone with you again straight away to resume with the tutor. She is absolutely great and I wouldn't hesitate to ask for her help and support again.

Selina-Jane, Charlton

My daughter's relationship with her tutor is wonderful. She sees her as much more than a teacher and wants tutorials for life! On the educational side, her confidence in maths and English has grown, which was very useful when it came to the 7+ exams for JAPS and Alleyn's. Our daughter was offered a place at both and so is now in a positive position where we are spoilt for choice. She had a session the day before the interview to coach her on interview techniques. This boosted her confidence a lot and she excelled.

Blessing, East Dulwich

We are very happy with Knowledge Seekers. We were looking for someone to increase our daughter's confidence and give her more structure. She is very hard working and puts in several hours a day but her results weren't always showing through and this affected her confidence. She has one hour a week focusing on different areas, classroom issues and upcoming exams. She enjoys her time with her tutor and always gets a lot out of it. It is her confidence that has really improved as have her results. With her tutor's help, she is now more resilient and has learnt techniques to help her look at where she went wrong and deal confidently with things.

Charles, Dulwich Village

Our tutor is outstanding. She is very committed, coming over for a session at short notice to help my daughter before an unexpected exam and she is always there to contact if we need anything. She has made a substantial, fundamental difference to the way my daughter approaches maths. She is much more confident. In the hard sense she had a very good test result last term- up in the 70s, which is a massive achievement for her. She has achieved far, far in excess of what I expected from a tutor.

Ceri, Gypsy Hill

We are delighted with our tutor. She is patient, very pleasant and very responsive to my daughter, who sometimes likes to sing her answers and move around while she is learning. The tutor is very creative in her teaching style, and as long as my daughter is learning she doesn't mind how it happens. She has an even handed approach which works very well. Her confidence in maths has just leapt, she is doing consistently well in her grades now and is very focused and keen which is a big breakthrough.

Lolita, East Dulwich

Our son was tutored in French and also for 7+ exams recently. We decided to enter him for the 7+ with only 8 weeks notice and our son sailed through the exams and was offered a place at the independent school of our choice. Our tutor built his confidence and helped him achieve much more than we could have thought possible in such a short period of time. He has thoroughly enjoyed all his sessions with her and I can't recommend her highly enough.

Sarah, East Dulwich

A Knowledge Seekers tutor has been tutoring 3 of my daughters in GCSE maths and English and the children's confidence has been really developing over the past term or so. They feel as if they've got a head start at school now and the classroom isn't something to be scared of. The tutor is very gentle and coaxing, has loads of ideas and is very bright and creative. The kids adore her. I'm very pleased with what they've done.

Maria, Dulwich Village

We're really pleased with our tutor, she has been great really. She's been working with our daughter for some time now and so is in tune with how she works and what she needs. They're working together towards this summer now. The science department collapsed at the start of the year and that was the reason that we came to have tuition so she's been really lucky to have her tutor. We don't have any problems or complaints at all.

Angela, Tooting

Brilliant job and a super tutor. It was the best decision, great to have a native English speaker, her homework was done much more quickly, and she is much more confident with all her work now.

Ronisi, Hyde Park

My daughter gets on really well with her tutor and likes her style, she looks forward to the tutorials and they just get on with it; she helps my daughter to be more efficient with her studies. As a parent, I love your service as a whole because not only do I see the progress that my daughter is making, I also know I can pick up the phone to you for advice or further requests, this is the third year we have been working with you and you have always met our needs perfectly.

Michelle, Croydon

I cannot rate Knowledge Seekers highly enough. The level of one to one tuition provided was first class and the dedication shown was impressive. Not only did Knowledge Seekers tutor our son to the required academic standard but he was also coached to have the confidence required to succeed in a competitive environment. He was indeed offered a place at his preferred school and we will definitely use them again for subsequent children! A big thank you.

Tonie, Surrey Quays

We are absolutely delighted with the tuition our son has received. Nicholas loved his hourly sessions with his tutors who were young, enthusiastic and made learning fun for him. As a result he did very well in his exams and we cannot be more grateful for the fantastic work that has been done to mentally and academically prepare him. We highly recommend Knowledge Seekers as they deliver what they promise and tailor their lessons to suit individuals' needs.

Britta. Balham

Knowledge Seekers have provided my children with the tools they needed to enhance their performance at school. Just recently, my daughter was due to take three GCSE science modules at school, but she wasn't feeling very confident. After a few sessions with her science tutor, she took her modules and we have just heard that she gained one A* and two A's.

We highly recommend Knowledge Seekers to anyone who is looking for professional and dedicated tutors for their children and we would also like to thank them for their dedication and professionalism.

Jasmine, Wandsworth

I'm really pleased. My son's English has improved several fold. Since starting tuition his school grade has steadily gone up and continues to do so. I'm going to have my daughter tutored by Knowledge Seekers too. The tutor talks to him about problems in school, gives him strategies to deal with problems, and has really increased his confidence. They've also helped him with his articulation and expression of ideas and are very approachable and friendly. I've already recommended them to someone.

Jocelyn - East Dulwich

I am very happy with my son's A-level biology tutor, he is doing an excellent job. His teaching techniques are varied and he involves my son throughout his lessons. They have since provided us with another excellent tutor for A-level economics. He really enjoys his tuition and his results have proved that I made the right decision to use Knowledge Seekers.

Carol, Streatham

Our tutor has given my child a lot of confidence to progress with his maths. My son really enjoyed working with him and saw him very much as a role model. I could see that he was highly motivated to do his best in all his work as a result. I believe Knowledge Seekers tutors excel in giving students a wide variety of techniques and instilling in them the confidence to succeed in their exams.

Vicky, East Dulwich

Tutoring really boosted my daughter's confidence and she found the structured approaches to tackling problems very useful. She received a 50% scholarship to St Dunstan's, a scholarship at JAGS and was offered a place at City London School for Girls but decided to take a place at Alleyn's. We're really pleased with the results and we are now having our younger son tutored by Knowledge Seekers for his 11+ exams.

Paul, East Dulwich

This is the second of my children that have been working with Knowledge Seekers. My daughter has really improved her ability to work under time pressure and increased her confidence in tackling entrance tests. She scored very highly, getting 140/140 on the grammar school tests. She was offered places at both JAGS and Alleyn's so she's going to start at Alleyn's this year.

Paul, East Dulwich

I really like to learn in these tutorials. I like doing spellings and I love the books my tutor buys for me. I love to write and do homework. I like it when my tutor makes me carrot juice. I like to learn with the card games.

Key Stage 1 English Student, Eltham

I like my tutor because she's fun and helps me to learn. The way we do lessons is sensitive; we work hard and concentrate so I learn a lot. At school my reading is getting better and better and I am starting to read chapter books.

Key Stage 2 English Student, East Dulwich

I enjoy my tutorials because they are not all about tests; you get to choose what you want to study so there is variety. I like the fact that if there is something that I don't understand at school then I can get more attention from my tutor.

Key Stage 3 English and Science Student, Dulwich Village

I was struggling with an essay on jurisprudence and with it being my final year at university the pressure was on. I went along for some tutoring sessions and was very impressed, the subject matter became clearer and I was more confident with preparing a piece of work on jurisprudence. I would definitely recommend my tutor as she helped me attain the grade I was seeking to achieve.

3rd Year Law Undergraduate, Wimbledon

Knowledge Seekers took on the tutoring of our son (15) in French at short notice to prepare him for his GCSE orals. Over the course of several hour long tutorials the tutor made a notable improvement both in his spoken French and in his self confidence about the subject as a whole. His tutor is a charming young woman who impressed both our son and my wife and I with her diligence and skills as a tutor.

James, Dulwich Village

I'm really pleased with my daughter's tuition. She enjoys it and finds it very informative. It helped her to raise her grade in History from a D over a short period of time. With her tutor's help she was able to get an A.

Rachel, Denmark Hill

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