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A-Level tutoring services

Exam technique – revision skills – subject specialism – organisation
Knowledge Seekers’ approach to A-Level tuition provides everything that our one-to-one service gives, whilst containing important additional points.
A-Level is a large step up from GCSEs, with essays, exams and subject knowledge being much more expansive. Our tutors work with your child using a tailored combination of exam technique, revision skills and subject content so that your child is prepared and confident.
Exam Technique and Confidence:
Knowing what to expect in an A-Level exam is key. A Knowledge Seekers tutor works with you child using a large bank of past papers to make sure that your child can apply their understanding in an exam context and phrase their answers correctly.
Our tutors also work on exam technique, looking at how exam questions will be written and what questions will ask for as well as checking that your child can work to the time limit given in an exam.



Active Revision Skills:

Success at A-Level means a step up in a student’s revision skills and level of organisation. Our tutors work with your child on a wider level, causing them to approach their revision and class work in a more proactive way. They support your child in structuring their class notes, revision timetable and provide them with tailored learning techniques. This contributes to a greater confidence in approaching the large increase in the amount of subject knowledge and preparation they have to do for an A-Level exam. This gives you peace of mind that what your child is doing outside of their sessions is effective and focused.


Subject Specialism:

Since AS and A2 contain much more specialist subject knowledge, our A-Level tutors pride themselves on having an excellent command, not just of their subject in general, but of your child’s specific exam board and syllabus. This means that, in addition to understanding key concepts and ideas within their subject, your child will also be clear on exactly what information they need to know and how to present it for their particular exam criteria.


With these things in place, your child will have clearly shown themselves that they can answer exam questions, will know exactly how they will approach their exams and will walk in knowing and feeling confident that they will succeed.



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